Why the Purple Cow?

The purple cow in my graphics is from a set my mom bought her mom in 1945, when she was a teletype operator on the Santa Fe Railroad in Green River, Wyoming. I’ve had them for years and cherish them, broken parts and all.

Picture of Betty Stevens, 1944
My mom, Betty, 1944

To me, the purple cow is a reminder of my mom–one of the most adventurous people I’ve ever known. She was a truly unique individual, had a tremendous spirit, and possessed a remarkable willingness to take paths unknown. I got much of that spirit from my mom, and have found myself taking or following unknown paths at many points in my own career. When I pondered what to call my career coaching practice, I thought of that uniqueness, that adventurous spirit, and that willingness to take paths unknown. Thus, Purple Cow.

The purple cow is a playful representation of what I believe deeply about my work, and about the potential in all of us to stand out in whatever field(s) we choose. Plus, the look on this cow’s face makes me laugh!

Ceramic Purple Cow