PC MontageGratitude, Happiness, and Saying “Thank You”

“Positive psychology studies reveal that grateful thinking (and the expression of it) is associated with increased levels of energy, optimism, and empathy. When we are grateful or happy, the brain emits the neurotransmitter dopamine, which increases our capacity to learn, be creative, and be productive. Gratitude, happiness, and saying ‘thank you’ are closely tied together.” –Wendy Luke and Greg Stevens

In that spirit, and because relationships matter, I’d like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to several folks who make Purple Cow happen.

  • To my clients who place their trust and their careers in my hands–I am honored and humbled to learn and grow with you.
  • To the many colleagues, mentors, and friends who continue to provide sage wisdom, clarity, advice, and thoughtful feedback–thank you each and all.
  • To my students in the Museum Professions program at Seton Hall University–thanks for your honest and constructive feedback and suggestions.
  • To Lauren Gunderson, whose brilliant play, Emilie: La Marquise du Châtelet Defends Her Life Tonight, reminded me at the right time that “happiness may be having the time and space to wonder…”
  • To my friend and skilled photographer Gregg Kelley for the purple cow photos.
  • To my longtime friend and colleague Jennifer Thomas, executive director of the Virginia Association of Museums, for the ongoing support.
  • To my extraordinarily smart colleague and buddy Bob Beatty of The Lyndhurst Group–your many years of affirmation mean more than I can say. #lwkut
  • To my super-talented designer Selena Robleto of Red Velvet Creative for the fun and lively graphic design. I appreciate your skill, efficiency, and generosity.
  • To my collaborator and friend Dean Phelus, who continues to inspire me with his infinite wisdom, curiosity, compassion, and humanity.
  • To Kevin Minoli, for years of late night support. And baseball.
  • To my dear colleague, mentor, and friend Wendy Luke, the HR Sage and my co-editor of A Life in Museums: Managing Your Museum Career. I cherish our years of collaboration, and your ever-present gentle prodding and love.
  • To my own career coach, the lovely Alicia Rodriguez, who asked what I wanted to create next, then guided me gently (and sometimes not-so-gently) from discovery to commitment to action. Synchronicity.
  • To my husband Michael, who forever endures and embraces in every way possible.
  • And, last but not least, to my mom—for her adventurous spirit, for the purple cows, and, well, for me.

Ceramic Purple Cow

With thanks,