What I Do

With dozens of clients across sectors and over 500 professional coaching hours, I offer a range of opportunities for you or your institution to stand out.

My clients represent a range of fields, including museums, arts and culture, education, non-profit, federal service, and the corporate sector. My clients are mid-career professionals making a career transition or rebounding from a job loss, senior-level colleagues looking to advance to the executive suite or manage career transition, or emerging professionals looking to get a start in their careers. Some clients are looking for specific guidance on recrafting their résumé or cover letter, while others need prep for an upcoming interview. Still others are looking for deeper exploration of skills, passions, and values to guide what’s next in their careers. Check out what some clients have to say.

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Our work together will vary depending on you or your organization, and your specific area(s) of need. We’ll start with a complimentary 30-minute phone, FaceTime, or Zoom call, in which we will explore where you are, where you think you’d like to be, and some possible options for taking action to get you there. After that, if you decide it’s a right fit, we will set up a plan for working together, whether it is quick résumé review, a series of coaching sessions based on a specific goal, or a longer-term coaching, advising, or talent development relationship. Please see below for details on various services and packages. Fees vary based on the type and length of the working relationship we establish together. 

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You are a mid-career, senior-level, or emerging professional looking for a job, striving to succeed at work, or managing a career transition. Maybe you are approaching retirement and wondering “What’s next?” Purple Cow can help you:

  • Identify your strengths, skills, passions, and values so you have greater clarity about who you are as a professional
  • Improve your career communication tools (e.g. your résumé, cover letter, interviewing, personal brand, online presence, and networking)
  • Increase your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Take strategic, positive action toward new focus, new work, a new career, or staying professionally engaged during career transition

For individuals, I offer:

  • 1:1 Coaching. Working with you individually to explore your challenges, targeting key areas, and offering focused attention and resources to help get you “unstuck.”
  • Résumé and Cover Letter Review/Writing. Helping you with the essential tools so you can land the interview.
  • Interview Preparation. Guiding you through improved interview skills so you land that next great job!
  • Personal Branding and Networking. Building your “brand” as you identify, hone, and communicate the person that people want to know, hire, and work with!
  • Presentation Preparation. Helping you plan, prepare, and deliver stellar presentations–an essential skill for any career!
  • Career Labs and Workshops. Day-long or half-day, in-person or online interactive workshops designed to get you started on your career development or transition path. Essential topics include identifying strengths and skills, résumés, cover letters, interviewing, online presence, personal branding, networking and more.
  • Networking Events. Informal in-person or online events designed to help you better understand what networking is and can do for you, reduce your anxiety, and get you started on building your own professional network for career success!

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Your staff and your direct reports are smart and hard-working, but you can use some guidance on culture alignment, projects, team dynamics, and strategic initiatives to help your people and your organization shine. Purple Cow can help you:

  • Improve your workplace culture for shared success
  • Build on staff strengths, skills, and passions to foster leaders at all levels
  • Improve your team dynamics to improve process, efficiency,  and deliverables
  • Manage your projects, programs, and initiatives to support institutional goals
  • Facilitate staff retreats and training sessions to improve communication

For organizations, I offer:

  • Organizational Culture Analysis. Working with you, your leadership team, and your staff to identify workplace culture issues and root causes, and arrive at shared vision, strategic goals, and organizational constitution.
  • 1:1 Staff Coaching. Exploring staff challenges, targeting key areas, and offering focused attention and resources, including individual development plans to help get them “unstuck” and build on their innate leadership strengths.
  • Team Dynamics Workshops. Helping your teams identify their respective and collective roles, building trust, addressing conflict, and arriving at shared commitment to team goals.
  • Project and Program Management. Providing structure, procedures, outcomes, accountability measures, and evaluation tools to help your programs and projects come to life with success!
  • Staff Retreats and Training Sessions. Facilitating focused, interactive, outcomes-based retreats and training sessions to help you communicate key organizational goals and shared vision, and build robust staff engagement.

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Fees vary based on the type and length of the working relationship we establish together. I have several options available to best meet your needs. Sessions may be in-person, by phone, FaceTime, and/or Zoom, depending on your location. Typically, payment is made in advance, but I am happy to discuss an alternate schedule with you. All payments are made via PayPal or Venmo.

*Recently laid off? Working in museums or other non-profits? Talk to me about options.

One-on-one Coaching/Advising Packages

  • 60-minute Coaching/Advising Session: $195
    A brief email exchange to get familiar with the specific career- or workplace-related issue you are experiencing, followed by a 60-minute session to gain immediate clarity around the issue. You’ll leave with new perspectives on how to move forward.
  • Résumé or Cover Letter Editing: $195
    A brief email exchange review of your existing résumé or cover letter, followed by editing, and concluding with a 60-minute session to review the revised document.
  • Interview Preparation: $195
    A brief email exchange to get familiar with the position and organization, followed by a 60-minute session guiding you through improved interview skills so you land that job!
  • Presentation or Public Speaking Preparation: $195
    A brief email exchange to get familiar with your presentation goals, followed by a 60-minute session guiding you through improved presentation or public speaking skills.

Multi-Session Coaching/Advising Packages for Individuals
Multi-session packages are designed to provide individuals or organizations with focused support over a limited period of time, to include step-by-step approaches, and concentrated tips to help you work through a specific career-related or workplace issue or challenge. Typically, sessions are weekly or bi-weekly.

  • 5-Session Coaching/Advising Package: $875
    These 60-minute sessions are for clients who need to get “unstuck” or are in a career-related transition, or for organizational leaders in search of clarity about people- or culture-related challenges. We’ll identify strengths and barriers, explore options, and practice using new tools so you can move forward with confidence and courage. We’ll explore how individual strengths, passions, and values align with the work you are doing, are meant to do, or align with the workplace culture you are trying to foster.
  • 10-Session Coaching/Advising Package: $1,600
    These 60-minute sessions offer comprehensive and sustained support as you work from a “stuck” place of indecision or lack of direction, through self-reflection, to clarity and confidence, and action steps toward career happiness or leadership and organizational effectiveness.

Monthly Coaching/Advising Packages for Organizational Clients
Monthly packages are designed to provide organizational clients with consistent support over a period of months, including step-by-step approaches, and concentrated focus to help you work through institutional challenges. Each package includes an initial 60-minute intake session plus two 60-minute sessions per month.

  • 3 months (7 sessions): $1,225
  • 6 months (13 sessions): $2,080

Please reach out to learn more about how Purple Cow can help!