Collage of Colleagues

My passion is helping people in their careers, their work, and their lives.

Ceramic Purple CowHow amazing it is that one person can have such an impact on his field.”
–Jonathan Finkelstein, Founder, LearningTimes, LLC


Ceramic Purple Cow“I REALLY ENJOYED our sessions. It seems that you gave me ‘good luck’ because people began to appreciate my work more, and I got really excited about the curatorship possibility as the next step in my career. I am enjoying that a great deal because it also allows me to connect with new people, artists, gallerists, collectors, and curators.
–Gaby Mizes, head of registration, Glenstone Museum

Ceramic Purple Cow“You exemplify the best—connecting the dots, building creativity everywhere, reaching out with welcome, kindness, humor and beyond boundaries.”
—Mary Case, co-founder, Qm2 Consulting Community

Ceramic Purple Cow“After attending a career lab led by Greg, I gained a better understanding of how to identify my skills, brand myself and build my network. He presented the overwhelming topic of career development as an approachable and manageable plan. Greg also helped me recraft my resume and cover letter for over an hour in a one-on-one coaching session. As a result of his thoughtfulness and professional insight, my documents are strong communication tools for a competitive job market.”
–Anna Baccaglini, Registration Intern, Metropolitan Museum of Art; graduate student, Museum Professions, Seton Hall University

Ceramic Purple Cow“I have been the beneficiary of Greg’s extensive professional expertise, and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. Throughout my recent job search, Greg was a font of counsel and sound advice, a keen and thorough eye on my resume and cover letters, and a solid voice of experience with interview preparation. Greg helped me understand and tell my own story more effectively than I had before we began to work together. I felt emboldened and full of confidence going into the interview for my current position knowing how best to address both typical and “out of the ordinary” interview questions. Aside from Greg’s obvious expertise and skill, clear communication style, and deep wisdom, he is a thoughtful, caring, and easy-to-work-with guy who truly listens. I recommend Greg highly to anybody thinking about working with him!”
–Richard Harker, Director of Programming and Volunteers, Historic Oakland Cemetery

Ceramic Purple Cow“Greg Stevens scrutinized my writing, contemplated my ideas, and tirelessly responded to my questions with thoughtful encouragement and insightful direction. His personalized and earnest feedback clearly showed his investment in my future career. His guidance challenged and gave focus to my career goals, which he helped me craft into a strong resume. Given that I am in a competitive career field, I am grateful that Greg pushed and challenged me to be the best version of myself.”
–Brittany Liscord, Museum Professional

Ceramic Purple Cow“Greg is a skilled mentor and coach and has helped hundreds of professionals—many emerging in the field—find their voice, passion, and path. When approaching his work, Greg is highly organized and plans with the results in mind.”
–Nathan Richie, Director, Golden History Museums and Park

Ceramic Purple Cow“Greg Stevens has shown repeatedly that he is the ideal mentor and career counselor. Greg was always readily available for any concerns or questions I had, communicated his thoughts in a clear manner, and gave consistent, constructive feedback when it came to the work–ranging from building a network to refining my skills. He listened intently when I shared my background and future goals and used this to give me career guidance while simultaneously helping me identify and utilize both my skills and passions. Greg has been extremely helpful in coaching me through writing my resume and cover letters, allowing me to communicate my accomplishments and abilities in an effective manner. He not only provided this immediate improvement but also created for me a professional foundation that I will use for years to come. Quite frankly, Greg has been more effective in a short period than many of my career mentors over the years combined.”
–Patrick Rowe, Education Specialist, College Park Aviation Museum

Ceramic Purple Cow“Greg is passionate about helping people succeed through professional development and training. He is creative, thoughtful and organized. He has done more to support mid-career museum professionals than anyone I know.”
–Carol Bossert, Exhibition Specialist, Radio Talk Show Host

Ceramic Purple Cow“Greg does a remarkable job of coaching the best work out of people. Greg’s leadership style is inclusive and targeted. Greg clearly believes there’s no “right way” to accomplish a project or solve a problem. He delights in the learning process of discovery, exploration, and experimentation with a results-oriented focus and is a consummate cheerleader for those journeying along with him. This is one of the skills and characteristics that makes Greg such an extraordinary teacher, coach, and curriculum developer.”
–Ann Fortescue, Executive Director, Springfield Museum of Art

Ceramic Purple Cow“You are a polished and professional reflective practitioner who can motivate anyone with whom you come in contact.”
―Lotte Lent, Assistant Director, Museum Education Program, The George Washington University

Ceramic Purple Cow“I worked with Greg Stevens in an Emerging Museum Professionals workshop and in private, and got wonderful advice from him for my job search and interviewing. In particular, his STAR system was a huge help in making sure I had a good understanding of my knowledge, skills, and abilities and how to talk about them.”
–Tom Runge-D’Amore, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Ceramic Purple Cow“Smart and creative, kind and generous, Greg Stevens has helped countless professionals—including me—do their jobs better. He’s fun to work with—good-humored, but extremely disciplined—and his projects always result in high-quality programs, efficiently produced with meaningful impact. The key is his superb project management skills. Greg knows that success requires a systematic, goal-oriented approach to keep time-sensitive projects on track. No one is better at herding cats. He makes it look easy. He’s also a master of social chemistry, blessed with the rare ability to work with all kinds of personalities, bringing out the best in partners.”
–Tim Hallman, Director of Communications and Business Development, Asian Art Museum

Ceramic Purple Cow “Greg is an incredibly talented individual. He brings to the table program planning and project management skills, and adds in creativity and a talent for bringing people together. He is someone I have volunteered for, learned from, and worked with. I would recommend unconditionally his expertise and the passion for what he does. You could not find a better representative for an organization.”
–Jennifer Thomas, Executive Director, Virginia Association of Museums

Ceramic Purple Cow“I have the greatest confidence and trust in you and value your passion and commitment to your work.”
–Dean Phelus, Senior Director, Leadership Programs, American Alliance of Museums