Photograph of Greg StevensWelcome to Purple Cow!
I am passionate about helping people and organizations succeed. With years of experience, dozens of clients across sectors, and over 700 professional coaching hours, I am committed to helping colleagues rediscover their strengths and skills, get unstuck, and find meaning in their professional lives.

Maybe you are looking for a job, striving to succeed at work, or dealing with a career transition. Maybe you are approaching retirement and wondering “What’s next?” You need some clarity, confidence, and solid action steps. I can help you focus and find the tools you need.

Maybe your staff, your teams, or your direct reports can use some guidance on getting alignment around initiatives and projects. I can help your institution shine.

Wherever we are in our careers or our organizations we can all benefit from guidance about getting started, navigating workplace culture, moving up, moving on, or staying professionally engaged.

Let me know how Purple Cow can help.

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Greg Stevens
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