Photograph of Greg StevensWelcome to Purple Cow Career and Talent Development! I am passionate about helping people and organizations succeed. For years I have committed myself to working with colleagues to find or rediscover their skills, get unstuck, and find meaning in their work and lives.

Maybe you are looking for a job, striving to succeed at work, or dealing with a career transition. Maybe you are approaching retirement and wondering “What’s next?” You need some clarity, confidence, and solid action steps. I can help you focus and find the tools you need.

Maybe your staff, your teams, or your direct reports are smart and hard-working but you can use some guidance on getting alignment around initiatives and projects. I can help you with team dynamics, staff professional development, and organizational culture strategy so your institution shines.

The world of work these days is challenging and ever-changing. The pace, disruption, and uncertainty can be overwhelming. Like many of you, I have lived through career highs and lows. I’ve been unemployed, frustrated by lean job prospects, and myself wondered “What’s next?” I’ve had some amazing bosses, and those who probably should have never been supervisors. I’ve worked in organizations where communication is clear and authentic, and other places where miscommunication reigns. I have worked on collaborative teams and those where someone is always covering for the slackers. I have stayed too long in a toxic work environment and what a mentor of mine called an “abusive relationship” (she was right).

Any of this sound familiar? If so, let’s talk. Purple Cow can help.

Wherever we are in our careers, we can all benefit from clarity about getting started, navigating workplace culture, moving up, moving on, or staying professionally engaged after retirement. Organizations of all types benefit from focused, happy employees. Purple Cow can help.

I am committed to helping you manage your career, succeed on the job, and to helping your organization thrive. Give a shout–let’s do this together.

“Caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar.
(Traveler, there is no path, you make the path by walking.)”
—Antonio Machado, Spanish poet, from Proverbios y Cantares (XXIX), in Campos de Castillo (1912)

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